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What to eat during Summer in Korea?

It’s been getting hot in Korea and rainy days are coming. The days are getting longer too unlike during winter season 6 in the evening is already dark but during the summer season, the days are longer. During the summer in Korea, it is extremely hot. I lived in the Philippines since my childhood but the Korean hot weather is hotter than in my home country. That’s why Korea has the best foods that you can eat during summer to cool down your body and to offset too much sweating during the hot season.

Summer Food #8: Ice Cream

purple icecream

During summer, ice cream is the most like dessert that you can see anywhere. This one is a purple berry that you can buy at Ikseon-dong. There’s a lot of kinds of Korean ice cream too, that you can buy at their cheapest price.

Summer Food #7: Oimuchim

oi muchim
from Kakaostory

Oi-muchim is one of the side dishes that are made during summer, it is a sliced cucumber marinated in vinegar and red chili flakes. Cucumber is the best vegetable during the hot season because it contents high water and crisp texture. Then you’ll add vinegar and chili flakes to make it tastier.

Summer Food #6: Chimaek

fried chicken

I know everyone knows what is Chimaek, it’s chicken and maek-ju (beer), it’s been seen in Korean drama’s all the time. Eating chicken together with beer is greater than eating it all alone, especially when you are hanging out with friends. When you order fried chicken it usually comes with the side dishes cucumber (pickles) and radish cubes  (pickles), which make the food you eat to be in balance.

Summer Food #5: Jangeo Gui

grilled eel

My father in law says when you eat Jangeo-gui your body will feel stronger because it contains more vitamins and minerals that will prepare your body for the coming summer. This fish is actually called “grilled eel” in English.  I like eating fish especially when it is grilled or fried, and this one is I can say taste differently among other fish dishes because it’s so delicious.

Summer Food #4: Kongguksu

I am not a soybean lover but I tried this one before during summer season too before going to First Garden in Paju. Gong-guksu is a dish with cold noodles with a creamy and thick broth made of soybeans. The starchy noodles and creamy broth with ice cubes and a little cucumber and sesame seeds make the taste perfect and refreshing.

Summer Food #3: Bingsu


One of my favorite during summer is Bingsu. It’s like Halo-halo in the Philippines and it also has shaved ice, fruits on top and others. It has a lot of variety depends on what do you want to eat. Some have mangoes,  chocolates, etc but the most famous Korean bingsu is the Patbingsu.

Summer Food #2: Naengmyeon

cold noodles

냉면 (naeng-myeon) or Cold Noodles, in hot summer days like these, this Korean cold noodles is one of the best food to make your body cools right away. The cold broth is a little sweet, tangy and savory and the noodles are soft but need to chew at the same time. This can be served spicy or not.

Summer Food #1: Samgyetang


Samgyetang or ginseng chicken soup is a dish with a whole chicken boiled in broth and filled with garlic, rice, jujube, and ginseng. This is a warm soup during summer days that is actually good for health.

This dish is popular to eat on Korean  3 hottest days of the year called sambok (삼복) days and these are Chobok (초복), Jungbok (중복), and Malbok (말복) usually fall during July and August. Chobok means the beginning, 10 days later it’s jungbok the middle, and 20 days after the is the last one malbok.

I’ll be trying this one again because I really sweat a lot during summer here in Korea. If you’ll be traveling here too in the hot season, better try this so you can survive in the hottest days in Korea.

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  • Carmen

    Great recommendations! Oi muchim is my favorite side dish to have in summer. Back when I used to eat chicken, I would have chimek near the Han River with my friends; it’s a super popular summer activity. These days I’m eating a lot of watermelon and chamoe to stay cool in Seoul.

  • Pinaynursemeetsworld

    Your blog post makes me want to travel to korea to taste their foods!. I am so curious about their culture, I am not familiar with their foods because there’s only a few korean restaurants around our area. I want to try their Bingsu and the korean ice cream and see how it taste compared to filipino foods…


    ice cream.. oimuchim, bingsu waaaaant!!! havent tried oimuchim though..pero mahilig ako sa cucumber!! yung iba medyo alangan ako.. hmm picky haha! btw pag summer lang to available or me mga stores na kahit winter merong ganto

  • Franze Garcia

    I have never seen these dishes ever before even in Korean Drama series I’ve been watching. Samgyetang is giving me a Philippine Tinola vibe. The Ice cream looks thick and very tasty too. Great recommendation btw, these foods might be on of those I will see when we pay a visit there.

    • My Onni You

      Yes ung Samgyetang need kumain nyan pag summer talaga.
      yung kongguksu alam ko malamig yan nakalimutan ko isang beses lang kasi ako kumain nyan hindi ko type ahaha

  • iamraediant

    Some restos sell Bingsu here in the Philippines but not a lot. My favorite talaga sa Korean cuisine is their delectable ice cream! I always buy the blueberry yogurt ice cream here sa Korean grocery store near our house. 🙂

  • blair villanueva

    wow, that bingsu always the best treat! The rest I could eat even not summer, spicy flavours are good during winter too. Hope you are doing great in Korea 🙂

    • My Onni You

      Noong bago ako dito hindi din ako fan ng cold noodles pero ngayon yan na ang hinahanap kong food lalo ang init ng summer dito mas mainit pa sa summer ng Pinas.

  • Hazel

    When I went to Korea before i find it interesting that most restaurants main specialty is chicken and beer! Then i realized koreans loved this food combo! I’d like yo try these other korean food you listed! The cold noodles looks yummy!

  • Elaine

    Food is one of the main reason why I want to visit South Korea. There are so many foods to try and I am very much curious about their taste. Among the foods that you mentioned, I’ve only tried Bingsu. Hope I could visit South Korea soon 🙂

  • sarrahsstories

    Whatever the season is, I will always go with Chicken and Beer. Gosh I miss alcohol haha But, that cucumber looks interesting. Among all those food varieties, the cucumber snack is the healthiest.

  • Christian Foremost

    I love all the food from korea. I’ve only tried bingsu from that list, but the others I’m so curious to check out!!! Totally gonna have one hell of a fold trip when I’m visiting korea. Hahaha

  • Joanathx

    I never tried any Korean food. With this informative post, i will definitely try Korean food when we have a chance to visit Korea. I think almost Korean food are spicy. This Samgyetang looks like nilagang manok with herbs

  • Wendyflor

    this is the hottest summer, they say!!! ready na natin ang mga summer food! and nakaschedule na sa akin ang 3 hottest days for samgyetang:-)

  • jowanag

    Korea is one of my dream destination.Hindi lang magagandang lugar ang dadayuhin kundi kailangan mo din tigman Ang mga pagkain nila. Sana makarating din diyan sa Korea.Sigurado ako masasarap ang pagkain nila.I love spicy foods.

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