You’ll see her smile every day
That gives you a great day
She laughs all the time
That makes everyone thinks she’s fine.

She blooms like a flower
Shines like a star
Gives a hand to help you stand
But still, she was left alone and sad.

Who was the real her?
The one who made everyone smiles
Or the one who silently cries
I wish I know who was the real her.

Do you know who she is?
Do you know what she really feels?
It’s time to know her
You can’t turn back time when she’s gone.

girl in a cruise ship during sunset

Not all the people we meet every day are fine, some are just smiling for them to hide what they truly feel. Some of them are in pain, stressed, tired and exhausted with life. We can’t tell what’s inside their heart if we see them smiling every time. Sometimes those who loved and helped truly, they are the ones who left behind. Even those friends who are near to us, we see them okay, talked a lot with them but still, we don’t know what they keep inside.

That’s why we should be careful with our words and actions because we might hurt those people near us without knowing what’s their going through. We should be more sensitive to our surroundings, to someone’s feelings because we don’t know when will be the time will regret being insensitive and not giving love and care to those people who helped and loved us. Show and tell how much we care and love them. We can’t turn back time once it’s gone. We should live each day without regrets.

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