April 5, 2020

Caferia in “Her Private Life” Korean Drama Filming Location

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If you are watching Korean dramas restaurants and cafes are mostly featured. Goblin and Touch your Heart featured the White Birch Story Tea House in Samcheong-dong. Locals are in love with cafes where they go with their friends. Students and even workers stay in the cafe a lot. Here’s another cafe featured in a Korean drama as Cocomoco. Happy reading chingudeul.  

Caferia in “Her Private Life” Korean Drama Filming Location

Caferia [카페리아] appears in the drama Her Private Life as Cocomoco Cafe run by Sung Deok-mi’s friend Lee Seon-joo. This cafe was opened last 2018 in Seogyo, in Mapo District, Seoul and I think it was changed into a new one because I saw a Naver Blog about this and its exterior name was CAFERIA.

This cafe offers coffee, ade, cakes, and pizza too. I ordered Banana Almond shake and it’s very yummy. I find this cafe’s ambiance as a cozy and quiet place with an Instagram-able interior. If you are a coffee lover and loves cafe hopping, include this place in your list.

How to get here?

Mangwon Station
Take Subway Line 6 going to Mangwon Station and exit at gate 1.

people walking in the street
After exiting at Mangwon station, exit 1, walk a little and turn left.

Cu convenience store
When you see the CU convenience store just go walk straight until you reach the GS25 convenience store, then turn right.

street in seoul

When you reach this corner, turn right.

street with many cars

Just go straight, after you pass the convenient store you’ll see the cafe.

cocomoco cafe exterior


14 Donggyo-ro 13-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 마포구 동교로13길 14

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