There are different types and designs of transportation card that you can use in Korea. One is the Korea Tour card that you can use not only for transportation but for shopping and tour. It has lots of benefits but some travelers want a customized or personalized transportation card. You can buy some ready-made and choose the design you cant for 10,000 won at the Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center.

The design or photo you want is not available? Don’t worry my chingudeul, in Korea you can make a personalized card for yourself, either it’s your photo or the photo of your favorite Korean actors/actress or pop idols.

Here’s the Guide on how to make a personalized t-money/cash bee card

transportation machine card

This machine is called OPPACARD you can find some in Daiso Myeongdong outlet, the one near the Starbucks and Shinhan Bank. There’s another in YP Bookstore in Jonggak and I read there’s another in Hongdae. Not sure if the other places have this machine but the nearest is the one at Myeongdong and Jonggak Station.

transportation card machine
1. Select English and My photo to start making your personalized transportation card. Other languages are available too like Chinese and Korean.

scan qr code

2. After selecting the desired language and MY PHOTO option, in your phone browser, you need to type After if the site pops up in the Korean language tap the word “카드 만들기” but if it appears in English select “MAKE A CARD” and a new screen will pop. You need to insert the image you like from your gallery (so better prepare the image for faster processing). After inserting the image the QR code will be available and you need to scan it at the QR code scanner.

namsan tower

3. After scanning the QR code, the image of your card will be like this, if you are sure about the design you need to press “OK” to proceed with printing. If you change your mind just press “Cancel” and repeat the first and 2 steps.

payment options

4. After pressing OK for printing, you need to pay an amount of 6,000 won and you can select different types of payment options. If you prefer cash you need to pay in exact bills (1,000 and 5,000 won only). If you prefer credit card, wait until the transaction and printing of the card are done before removing your card.

5. When the printing of the transportation card is done you can get it on the small box below of the machine beside the QR code scanner.

NOTE: I printed my transportation card in the OPPAcard machine in YP Bookstore at Jonggak Station.

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