Seoul Book Bogo filled with nostalgic used books which a haven for book lovers was opened to the public last March 27, 2019, it was an empty storehouse near the Jamsilnaru station. It was transformed by the Seoul Metropolitan City into a huge store for second-hand books and aside from that, there’s a cafe too where the visitors can have their drinks while reading books. This is the country’s first public used bookstore currently managed by SMC. It has a floor area of 1,465m2 and has almost 130,000 books.

many books

The bookstore doesn’t just have Korean books but it has also international books, manhwa or comics, old magazines, and books. There are available for purchase and some are just for reading.

books tables and chairs

There is a wide space for readers which is called “Academic Space” where you can find the books of independent publishers and you can enjoy having a cup of coffee at the Book Cafe.

man sitting inside the book cafe

Above all, the bookstore doesn’t have an entrance fee, it means its FREE. It’s open for everyone who wants to visit and check the place or read books while relaxing.

For more information, you can check the Seoul Book Bogo website HERE.


girl standing inside a bookstore

In Episode 3 of “Hotel de Luna”, the bookstore was featured, where an old lady ghost who loves to read a lot of books was a scene in the drama.


Last March 19, 2019, this was the venue of the second fashion show of Seoul 365 Fashion Show and directed by Kim Seoryong, a well-known designer not just in Korea but in other countries too. For more information, you may check HERE.

How to get here?

Take subway Line 2 going to Jamsilnaru and exit at gate 1 or 2.


Ogeum-ro 1, Songpagu, Seoul 05507
서울특별시 송파구 오금로1(신천동14)

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday-Friday 10:30-20:30
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-21:00
Close every Monday.

Contact Information: 

T:02) 6951-4979 F:02) 6951-4975


girl standing inside a bookstore

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4 thoughts on “Seoul Book Bogo 서울책보고: Book Lovers Haven”

  1. Hi, wanna ask any must visit in a short trip to just Seoul. I’m planning one , hope you know any tricks to visit slot in 5 days. Pm me maybe.

    1. Hi, if you will visit Seoul for 5 days. You can list those tourists spots which are near to other like Bukchon and Changdeokgung (if you will visit in Autumn add the Secret Garden) Insadong and Anguk, Myeongdong Shopping Street, Namsan Tower, and Namsangol Hanok Village. COEX + Gangnam K Star. That’s the best way you can do so you will not waste any time. This Seoul Bogo is not too far from the Seoulism Rooftop Cafe, if you want to visit too.

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