My Onni You is included in Feedspot Top 20 Korean Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2019!! That’s awesome for a newbie like me. While publishing posts every day, I crossed over the Feedspot website. I tried submitting my website link to know if my site is gaining traffics. Then I received an email from the site saying that my blog is included in the Feedspot Top 20 Korean Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2019. I felt surprised because my blog makes it in Top 16 while other sites are the famous 10 Magazine Korea, The Klog, My Korean Husband and The Klog. Aside from that, my blog is in the making stage. Doesn’t have much traffic yet but still happy to be selected. Because of that, I will make my blog more informative and helpful to my readers.

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My Story

I started my personal blog in 2016 and I just made the blog as a past time. I am a full stay-at-home mom where I take care of my child 24/7 while my husband usually works in different areas. He used to be home once, twice or thrice a month. So in times that I felt bored, writing is my comfort zone. That year Goblin was released and after watching the Korean drama, I saw a blog where she follows the filming locations of Goblin. Some of the locations are just around Seoul and 30 minutes travel from our house so I decided to do the same. Then I put my blog, just for fun. 

The site was been neglected for a year but still, it’s gaining traffic. This year I decided to make a new one after I got depressed when I failed my citizenship exam. I need a comfort zone where I can do what I want, where I can express my feelings, those thoughts that I have in mind. I started traveling again, one Korean drama filming location to another. Until I gathered photos already and decided to buy a domain and host for my new blog. Thanks to my friend for helping me to set up my blog.

What is Feedspot?

Feedspot is a content reader for reading all your favorites in one place. It also ranks top blogs and websites in their index by using search and social metrics. The blogs and sites are selected because they were actively sharing ideas and knowledge to other people, inspiring and empowering readers too. This site can also help you in promoting your blog, website or youtube channel on its platform used by million users. You can send them email thru

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