Going to Korea? Do not know where to go? Wanna know where are the must-visit cities in South Korea, here it goes my chingudeul.

South Korea is not a huge country but it’s really big in culture, beautiful places from modern to historical. That’s why a lot of tourists have been interested in visiting the country. When Hallyu was introduced to the whole world in the year 2000 it started to attract more visitors.

We can’t deny that Korea has many beautiful tourist spots, aside from that Korean dramas and kpop are also a good help in promoting the country’s tourism. It’s been famous across the whole world.


  • Book for pocket wifi before your travel and you can pick it up at the airport upon arrival
  • Do not sit in elderly seats even if it’s empty (but if you have a baby with you you can take a seat)
  • Pink seats are for pregnant women
  • Transportation like the subway and buses are easy to navigate. For more guide and tips, you can read the full write up here. 
  • Some doors are automatic but some have those door buttons that need to be push like a bell to open.
  • Eating alone is not bad, some restaurants have seats for alone customers.
  • Restrooms are clean and there’s a breastfeeding room for mom and babies too.
  • When taking photos people usually says “kimchi”.
  • Fall in line whenever taking on the subway, bus, buying or paying for something.


Beforehand, of course, you need to have a visa and a passport to get to Korea. Of course, you need a plane ticket, hotel reservation, and pocket money, aside from your personal belongings.  There are 112 countries are visa-free like the United States and Canada. You may check it to your immigration if your country is included. The Philippines is not visa-free that why tourist of the said country needs to apply for a tourist visa.

Getting to Korea, Incheon International Airport (ICN) is one of the biggest, famous and interesting airports in the world.  You can fly thru Korean Air, Asiana Airlines but if you are looking for cheapest fare T’way Airlines, Korea on Air Busan, Air Seoul, Jin Air Eastar Jet, and Jeju Air are the ones you can check.


Getting around in Korea is not hard because of the accessible transportation like subway, buses, and taxis. Subways are the best one for roaming around because it can take you to your destination without hassle. Plus it’s been connected to other cities. Get a T-money card and reload it for convenient traveling. Guide on how to reload a T-money card read the full write up here. For personalized T-Money card, you can read this article.

KTX the fastest train in Korea that can take you to Busan in two hours. Korail that can take you to Gangneung and other places.



dongdaemun gate

One of the topmost visited cities in Korea, Seoul. Your trip is not complete without getting to the busiest city of the country. It has a great culture, tons of delicious foods, great subways, best palaces, a city of modern and historical place. In Seoul, you can see the five palaces like Gyeongbuk Deoksung, Changdeo, Changgyeong and Gyeonghui. Namsan Tower is also well known and seen in many Korean dramas and Korean variety shows. Gangnam is also famous because of it’s the kpop world.


haundae beach in busan
[Photo credit: epicezzi]

Busan is the other largest city in Korea which has it’s the biggest port. On the photo is the famous Haeundae beach is the most famous beach which is really full of visitors during summer. There’s a lot more to see in Busan not just the beach but even the colorful village named “Busan Gamcheon Culture Village”.


[Photo credit: lululalalee]

Aside from Seoul, another city has the most historical place. Gyeongju is where the Silla dynasty resides. It is known as Seorabeol, a coastal city in the far southeastern corner of North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea. It is has a lot of tombs, temples, and pagodas. Buddhism in this place is well known because it’s a Buddhist sanctuary. A beautiful and a must-visit place.


china town

Incheon is the third-largest city of Korea and the international airport is here.  This city is known for it’s industrial and metropolis port but it’s also known for it’s China Town and open ports where tourists and even locals can come and visit anytime. Wolmido Island can be found here too where you can enjoy the theme park with different kinds of rides, can watch different performances too.  Moreover, there are many cafes and seafood restaurants lined up along the coast. Visitors can enjoy the cruise ship too and fireworks.  (Check for the schedule of the fireworks before buying a ticket for the cruise ship)



Gangwon-do is known as the “east sea” where you can find the beautiful seas in the country. It also is known for its beautiful mountain “Seoraksan” and valleys. A lot of tourists come here during summer and even on the first day of the year, January 1,  to watch the first sunrise known as “해돋이” (haedod-i).


Jeju Island is a very stunning place which is well known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and cavelike lava tubes. There’s a lot of places to see in Jeju like Hallasan which best to do hiking trails. We spent 4 days and 3 nights here and still not enough to look around. There’s a lot of things to do here and see. Read: Wondering Where to go to Jeju Island. 

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  1. South Korean is been one of my dream travel destination since high school. I deeply need your tips in visiting this beautiful country! I will keep these until my next travel!

  2. I’m curious to witness the city-like in South Korea. Are people always just on the go? Hahaha. Also so surpised to see so many places and culture in the middle of those biggest cities! Amazing. Wish i could visit real soon!!

  3. South Korea is a lovely place, and influential as well in travel. But for.now, I am too pre-occupied to explore the 47 prefecture of Japan 🙂

  4. Thanks for your guide and tips. Aside from the advice on which places to visit, I appreciate the tips that help us appreciate Korean culture and sensibilities like not sitting on the seats for the elderly.

  5. Gyeongju and Busan seems to be a very nice place to visit in Korea. I really have to get a passport now. This article of yours makes me wanna travel now.

    1. Gyeongju is the one the most historical place in Korea because it was the home of Silla Dynasty. It is more like a province than a city. If you love peace and silence this place is the best to visit.

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