When I came to Korea, aside from taking care of my son and family, reading, studying and surfing the internet became my hobby, until I crossed the blog of Travel with Karla. She’s one of my inspiration and she also became the way to meet my first ever buyer in my online shop. She’s an inspiration to many, not just to other bloggers but to all her readers too.

To know more about Travel with Karla, here’s a written interview of her journey as a blogger.

travel with karla

1. Who is Travel with Karla?

Travel with Karla is a teacher who loves to travel. On weekdays, she educates her students. On weekends, she tries her best to explore new places, try new activities, and eat sumptuous meals.

2. What inspired you to start your blog/vlog?

When I was young, I enjoy making scrapbooks to preserve the memories. I love writing in journals. With the advancement of technology, I’ve moved to a digital platform. (Well, I still have a physical journal with me until now.) I realized that when I upload information on my blog/vlog, I can help people. It gives me fulfillment when my readers thank me whenever they used my travel guides and even product/services reviews.

3. What is the biggest challenge in blogging that you have experienced?

Time management is one of the challenges. We all know that teachers are very busy. When we are not in a class, we prepare lessons or we check test papers. It’s hard to make time for writing and editing.

Another challenge is the technical part of the website. I’m not really a techie so it’s hard for me to understand the website hosting and stuff. I just pay people to do it for me. Haha!

4. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog/vlog and keep it running/working?

Blogging became a part of my identity. I’m a teacher and a travel blogger. Even at my workplace, some people call me Travel with Karla. As long as there are people who are there waiting for my blog posts, I’ll keep on writing.

Moreover, the brands who send me products and invites me whenever they have events also motivates me. I feel honored that they trust the influence that I have.

5. Please give some advice and tips for new bloggers/vloggers?

Know your why’s. You must be passionate about what you do. Don’t do it because you want to earn money. You’ll just get disappointed.

Don’t rely on the number of followers you have. Focus on your content. Do your best and subscribers will follow.

Lastly, be genuine. Show the real you. Interact with your followers. Treat them as your friends.

travel with karla

BLOGSITE: http://travelwithkarla.com

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://facebook.com/travelwithkarla

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/karlaobispo

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/travelwithkarla

YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/travelwithkarla

E-MAIL: karla.obispo@gmail.com

You can follow her on her social media accounts.


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  1. Karla is really inspiring! yay! i really hope to meet her in the future. parang i see my young self in her. if i had more time before palagay ko nagawa ko din yung mga ginagawa niya.

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