Alden Richards and Ji Chang Wook were present at the 14th Seoul International Drama Awards held at the Kyunghee Grand Peace Palace in Seoul, August 28.

Alden Richards, Asian Star Prize Award

Alden Richards

After waiting for 2 and a half hours, at last, the event started welcoming the actors and actresses from different countries. When the MC announced “Philippine Actor, Alden Richards“, I was like, “Oh My!”. I would love to see him closer but lucky I got the chance to take his photos and see him too.

Alden Richards

Being a Filipino, I feel proud that once again, a Filipino won an award from a different country. The first Filipino awarded in Seoul International Awards was Dennis Trillo in 2016. Alden Richards was awarded the Asian Star Prize.

In his speech, he said, “As a Filipino, I am very humbled and grateful to be recognized in the international scene, along with so many amazing and talented artists here tonight”.

He also mentions that the award he had received was special. It is because Korea and Philippines are celebrating their 70 years of friendship. He also noted that as an actor his job is to make other people happy and inspire them with their passion.

Aside from that, his movie “Hello, Love Goodbye” will be showing in Korea on September 28 and 29, at the Arirang Cine Center thru the Korea Pinoy International Film Festival.

Ji Chang Wook,  Outstanding Korean Actor

Ji Chang Wook

Another heartthrob who came was Ji Chang Wook, one of the most outstanding actor. He was known from his dramas Healer, Suspicious Partner, K2, Empress Ki and with new comeback drama “Melting Me Softly“.

Ji Chang WookHe was also one of the lead actors of the musical “Shinheung Military School” seen on the stage last  9 September through 22 September 2018. This was for the celebration of the  70th anniversary of the Republic of Korea Army.

Ji Chang Wook was also seen in big screen like The Fabricated City, Your Name and more. He’s one of the new endorsers of Bench fragrance line.

Ji Chang Wook was awarded as the Outstanding Korean Actor of the 14th Seoul International Drama Awards.

First Encounter

It’s my first time to watch an event like this. I’m supposed to represent an entertainment company but due to some reasons, I wasn’t allowed to enter because my name was not on the list.

I was thinking to go back home but I met a Filipina which is familiar to me because I saw her on her facebook page. I said “Hi” and we got along. She told me that Alden Richards and Ji Chang Wook are coming which made me stay.

Other stars attended the awards night are:

Jang Nara
Jang Nara


Kim Dong Wook
Kim Dong Wook

Jun Hyun Moo and Jo Bo Ah
Jun Hyun Moo and Jo Bo Ah

* Sorry if the photos are not in good quality. I did my best to take good shots but my camera is not good. ㅠㅠ Will do better next time.

Feature Image Credit: Insight

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5 thoughts on “Alden Richards and Ji Chang Wook at Seoul Drama Awards 2019”

  1. Ji Chang Wook! Can’t wait to watch you again! I sooo love you in Healer and K2! ❤️

    Really, really hoping and praying I get to see you in person! One day I know we will! ❤️

  2. I heard about Alden being awarded the Asian Star Awards. Didn’t know Dennis Trillo received an award before, too. I was just watching a couple of his movies on Netflix, haha. Nagalingan ako.

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