Starfield COEX Mall’s Byeolmadang Library is one of the libraries in Korea which has been the grand attraction to every tourist and even locals of Korea. Have you been here? If not, check out this post for more information on how to go and what to do in this place.

Starfield COEX Mall’s Byeolmadang Library

What is the Starfield Library?

library books

Starfield Library or Byeolmadang Library (별마당 도서관) is one of the gigantic libraries in Korea which has a 2,800-square-meter space.  Located at Starfield COEX Mall in Gangnam, Seoul.  An open public place where anyone can enjoy reading, sit down and take a break.

This library has a 13-meter giant bookshelf with about 70,000 different selection of books like magazines, foreign books, and different genres like economics, humanities, histories, crafts, and hobbies.

Aside from the huge collection of books the Starfield Library has also space for everyone who wants to read, do their research or study. The library has also e-books that suit not just for locals but for tourists too.

Why is it famous?

starfield library

Starfield Library became famous due to its unique design. It has the look of a traditional bookshelf but has a touch of modernity. It caught the locals and tourists attention since the place is a one-stop-shop where everyone can have coffee, shopping, eat in one place.

girl reading books

One of the best place to relax without spending much. A cozy place to stay and chill-out from a stressful day. Everyone can stay here all day taking photos or reading books, or just sit and watch those people who come and goes.

More About Starfield Library

Starfield Library is not just about books, it’s actually more than just books.  This library holds a variety of cultural events such as lectures, books concerts with music and artist talk shows and even poetry recitals. It operates from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm.

How to get here?

The easiest and convenient way to get here is taking the Seoul Subway. Take the subway going to Samseong station (green, line 2) and get out at exit six. This will take you directly to Starfield COEX Mall.

What to do more at Starfield COEX Mall?


sm town

If you are a KPOP fan, SMTOWN is just around the corner, so after visiting the library you can take a tour at the SM TOWN which includes a shop for merchandise, a cafe, and a museum.


Another is the COEX Aquarium that operates from 10:00 am up to 9:00 pm. This place is great for everyone especially for kids which can help to develop their imagination by seeing and touching a total of over 650 kinds of 40,000 underwater friends in real life.


If you are a movie lover and want to experience the Korean style cinema you can visit the Megabox Cinema that opens from 9:00 am up to 3:00 am the next day.


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  1. Soon I know that I will have an opportunity to visit Korea. And your blog will be very helpful for me in the future. But for now I have to fix my passport first.

  2. This place looks amazing. I love visiting libraries and get one book for each city I visited. Saving this spot for next S.Korea trip!

  3. The library has really gotten me excited. If that was in the Philippines, it will be my ultimate home where I would spend most of my weekends at. Hope tk visit Korea and check out those other places too. Hahaha

  4. My boys and I are one of the few who were not really impressed, hahaha… This is more for IG and provides an amazing backdrop for a photo zone. But we go to a bookstore to read and buy books. The books at the higher level are impossibly accessible and there are very few English books and magazines…. But 100% worth it for IG:-)

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