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Cherry Blossom Gives Hope amid of Corona Virus Outbreak

Edited and published in [Stay strong, Korea] Cherry blossom gives hope amid COVID-19 outbreak

Two months have passed since the first case of coronavirus in South Korea was announced.  From one to two cases, it became double, a few weeks later it started growing. The virus started spreading widely all over the country. Some establishments were temporarily closed for disinfection. The new school year was delayed for almost two weeks and been delayed for another two weeks. Some cannot go to work and some cannot leave their jobs especially the medical workers.

While the number of infected keeps on increasing each day our worries started to grow. We worry about our family, our friends, the people who are working so hard to fight this virus. We kept on asking, “When this will end?” So the children can go to school to study and meet their friends. “When this will end?” So the doctors and nurses who are taking care of the infected people can go home and see their families. “When this will end?” so we can go outside without worrying. These questions are kept on coming back on our minds every day.

Cherry Blossom
[Photo by Sheila Lee]

But today, as I was scrolling on Facebook I saw a post from a friend. She posted a photo of a cherry blossom tree that is beautifully blooming in the midst of the coronavirus. As I look at the flowers, I see hope for everyone. This was the reason why I ended up writing this article and asked some of my friends about the first thing that comes in their mind when they see the cherry blossom blooms despite what’s happening right now and why?

Chris Chan, a Filipino lives in Bucheon, “Spring is always a new beginning, cherry blossom reminds us that there’s a life after draught”, he said.

Meggie Yu, an American lives in Seoul, said “I think like keeps going. The cherry blossoms didn’t postpone themselves or wait for safer conditions. They just bloom. No matter what happens in our life, time keeps turning, things continue. It reminds me that nothing is forever. Good or bad.”

Sheila Lee, Filipina who lives in Gyeongbuk province, worries every day about her family since they live near the epicenter of the coronavirus which is Daegu. “Seeing the cherry blossom today made me thought that life is beautiful even in the midst of chaos”, she said.

I agree with the thoughts of my friends that season of spring and the flowers give us a fresh start. Also, we always know that flowers make us people to feel better, happier and help us to look at the bright side. And that’s what I feel right now. I believe that everything will come to an end and we just need to be strong and hang in there a little bit more. The government is doing all its best to fight this coronavirus and in return, we just need to follow the precautions, stay optimistic and pray for the best.

Stay Strong, Korea!

Cherry Blossom Tree
[Photo by Sheila Lee]
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