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What’s inside my bag and what it means to me?

We have this blogging challenge on our group and today’s challenge is “What’s inside my bag?”. So today I’m showing you what’s actually inside my bag. Check out maybe we have the same things inside our bags.

The things inside my bag differ depends where I go, what will I do and it depends on the weather. If I have my class, of course, I have my books in my bag. But since I’m not taking any classes this time books are excluded in what’s in my bag. 2 years ago, I usually bring a backpack where I put my son’s basic needs like a diaper, extra clothes, milk, and wet tissue. But since he’s 4 years old now and not wearing a diaper anymore, the things I bring has been lessened.

Market day bag

In this bag, I usually bring my wallet, wet tissue, an extra bag which I used to put the things I have bought, and of course sanitizer.  Though if we go to a supermarket I bring a bigger eco bag because in big supermarkets they always sell items in bulk, that’s why. 

Photo shooting day bag

I bring a camera, tripod and a selfie stick whenever I need to do some photo shooting outside or filming locations. I used to go alone before but recently, I started Seoul searching and cafe hopping with my friends. Of course, I bring my necessities like my wallet, wet tissue, sanitizer and hand cream. I am not a beauty aficionado so a cushion and a lipstick or lipgloss would be fine for me to bring. 

My bag during this coronavirus outbreak

From the basic things I have in my bag masks have been added due to this coronavirus. I always bring an extra mask just in case we lost or forgot our mask somewhere. Wearing a mask is not new to us because there are days in Korea where the fine dust is very bad. 

What’s inside my bag during winter, spring, summer, and fall

Korea has 4 seasons and what we bring and add to our bag is always different depends on the season. During winter, I bring winter gloves, bonnet, a scarf and a hot pack. A thinner and colorful scarf on spring and autumn, and a handy fan on hot days like summer. Oh, I always bring an umbrella in the summer season because it’s not just hot but it rains like cats and dogs from time to time. 

So what’s inside my bag is very important and it means a lot to me. The extra bag for shopping that I bring whenever I go to the market will make me save about 400 won for not buying a plastic bag. Aside from that, I can help the NO PLASTIC campaign of the government.

What’s inside our bag always tells us about our personality. It reveals our cleanliness and preparedness for anything. It shows us if we are a minimalist, artiste or a beauty aficionado who carries all her make-ups on her bag. A woman who’s always prepared for anything who’s been always misunderstood of being paranoid or the one who’s like bringing a garbage bin every time, the hopeless hoarder. From what I mentioned above and upon looking at what’s in your bag, do you know now who you are?

What’s my bag?

I have some branded bags but the one on the photo is my favorite. It’s lightweight,  convenient, and I can put things as many as I want. Above all, it’s a gift that I received from my favorite actor Jung Il Woo last December when I attended his Christmas Bazaar.

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