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5 Korean Youtube Kids Channel to Watch With your Toddlers

As a parent we must be careful about the videos that our toddlers watch on youtube so here’s the 5 Korean youtube kids channel to watch with your toddlers.

As a mother, it’s been a struggle for me to make my toddler busy while I do the household chores. Especially this time of the corona outbreak where he can’t able to go to daycare.  And I know a lot of moms here in Korea is having the same struggle and sentiment as me. Thankfully, that there are educational channels and shows in youtube kids that could help not only to make my toddler busy but it helps him learning too.

Here are the 5 Korean Youtube Kids Channel to watch with your toddlers:

Pororo Korean Official

No babies, toddlers nor kids who won’t love Pororo and the same goes with my son. In this channel, you can watch all your favorite Pororo episodes. Aside from that, there are able videos like Sing with Pororo, Learn Korean, numbers, colors and others with Pororo. This is very helpful especially if you are a first-time mom and not good in Korean. Honestly, I also watch these videos with my toddler and I learn a lot of Korean words.

Pororo Korean Official doesn’t just have the Korean channel but they also have an English channel Pororo the Little Penguin,  so don’t worry mommies. You can let your toddlers watch the English channel if you are not into Korean videos.

핑크퐁 동요・동화 (Pink Pong Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales)

When you say Pinkifong ‘Baby Shark’ is the most famous nursery rhyme where toddlers enjoyed watching and singing. Baby shark challenges are made here and there. Aside from learning Korean nursery rhymes and fairy tales, the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korean joined hands with Pinkfong with the ‘Wash your hands with Baby Shark’ campaign and doing the Baby Shark hand wash challenge upon prevention to corona virus.

베이비버스 -인기 동요・동화 (Baby Bus – Popular Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales)

Baby Bus is one of my favorite animated shows because of the cute Panda characters Kiki and Myomyo. In addition to that each animation series is organized according to the characteristics of the stage of infant growth, and it is a self-directed play style that develops creativity to help children develop their brains and develop themselves. I highly recommend this show for moms out there.

엄마 까투리TV  (Katuri)

Katuri is an educational series about the four chuckling who grew up in nature together with their loving mother.  In each series, the four baby chuckling had exciting discoveries and joyful times discovering the forest with their mom. The show also gives moral lessons about friendship, obeying our parents, caring for our brothers and sisters, and helping other people.


The EBS kids is a tv channel under the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS). EBS is South Korea’s largest free-to-air public education broadcaster.  There are different educational shows including Gomdy and Friends and 한글이 야호 1 and 2  (Hangul Yaho 1 and 2). EBS Kids also have the global channel and you can check it here.

There are a lot of shows which you can able to let your toddlers watch without worrying about the content. We just need to choose and customize them using the Youtube Kids App. Aside from that, putting a timer is also applicable in the app so you can limit your toddlers watching time. How about you what are your favorite shows that you watch with your toddlers?

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