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Child Care Coupon – Here’s How to Use it

Due to this coronavirus outbreak, the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare provides a child care coupon for each child, and here’s how and where we can use it. 

When it comes to supporting system Korea is number one and the best. You know why? If you are pregnant, they’ll give you 500,000 won to help you from your regular check-ups and vitamins. When you give birth, they’ll give you a congratulatory gift and it depends per region. There’s a parenting care allowance provided when your baby is not going to nursery and you take care of your baby at home. When your baby started to go to nursery or kindergarten the parenting allowance will be stopped and it will change into a child care subsidy. Child care subsidy subsides all the cost of care or education of each child depends on their age and group. Currently, we are receiving a child allowance of 100,000 won monthly for our children (7 years old and below).

Photo from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare site

The Korean government provided another child care support to help ease the burden on households raising children and to overcome coronavirus.

아이행복카드 or Child Happy Card, this is where we received the child care subsidy for nursery and kindergarten care and educational fees.

Through Child Care Coupon child (7years old and below) received 400,000 won (16,000 in peso) worth of points and not convertible or withdrawable into cash. We received it as points in our 아이행복카드 (ai-haeng-bok-ka-deu; Child Happy Card) or 국민행복카드 (National Happy Card) to bu the basic needs of our child including foods and clothing.

Here’s how to use the Child Care Coupon (Points)

Regional Restriction

The child care coupon points can be used freely in metropolitan cities or provinces where the child is currently living.

Where to use it?

  • Traditional markets where ordinary cards can be used
  • Neighborhood marts (including Hanaro Mart)
  • Gas stations
  • Hospitals and Pharmacies – it can use to pay the child’s checkup bills and medicine when sick.
  • Restaurants, Coffee shops  & Bake shops – you can use the child care points to treat your child a delicious
  • meal and a cake or treat yourself a coffee.
  • Bookstores and Stationery Stores – get some books to read while staying at home (ex: Daiso)
  • Small Clothing and toy stores – to reward them you can use the points to buy them some clothes, toys or gifts
  • Salon – can be used for the child’s hair cut
  • Eyeglass shops – can be used to buy new eyeglasses for your kid
  • Academy expenses – can use to pay the child’s academy expense
  • Convenience stores like Emart 24/7, Ministop, 7-eleven, GS25, and CU.

NOTE: Major marts like Emart, Lottemart, Homeplus, and Emart traders, department stores, and online shopping malls are exempted or not included.

How to use it?

1. When you use the care point, you’ll receive a text guide stating the amount used and the remaining balance.

2. It can be used the same as a regular card.

3. The card can be reissued and used once you lost or damaged the card.

What did we buy?

Yesterday, we bought some groceries like eggs, milk, cereals, and others.  I used about 115,000 won or points (or 4,700 in pesos) and received a text message on my phone telling me how much points I have used and how much is the remaining points. I will buy some vegetables to make Korean side dishes and other fruits at the market today. Then I will use the other points in the next coming days or months to buy my son a toy and other things that he needs.

If you will receive this kind of child support, where and how will you spend and use it?

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    • myonniyou

      To make it happen should really cooperate din. Masisipag kasi ang Koreans at competetive kaya they always wanted to be the best all the time. Yung impossible than they can make it possible. Ganun sila

  • Nica

    Wow! Ang ganda naman ng mga benefits jan sa Korea, dati New Zealand lang ang naiisip ko ma country kung magmigrate kami, ngayon mukang Korea na din, ganda ng government support. Kung mabibigyan ako ng ganyang benefits laking tulong sa pangangailangan ng anak ko like, milk, diaper, food and of course toys

    • myonniyou

      What do you mean 250,000 won? I don’t have any idea about it except the child care coupon (400,000 won), and the monthly child allowance 100,000 won per month and the parenting child care allowance.

  • Marj100;

    Ah only on this pandemic case the government are supporting the parents who are currently working (their child will receive 250,000 each) but those who are non working are not qualified~ I heard it from my husband coz we received it few days ago and we will register again next week for the 2nd time korea is awesome since they don’t have many kids nowadays they’re supporting each family ❤️

  • WanderWoMom

    i wish we have something like this here in the philippines. but napakamalayong mangyari.. siguro dito sa pasig pwede pa mangyari once natapos na covid and nakaahon na ang economy. iba ang leadership ng aming mayor eh. masyadong makatao. he did a lot of good things for our city hehee.

    question.. do you need to have the kid with you pag gagastusin mo yung points..

    • Abby

      Hindi na need na kasama sila kasi ung points dun sa mismong child care card nila pumapasok kung saan din namin narereceived ung child care allowance nila na binabayad namin sa daycare.

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