Did you know that Suyeon Sanbang is a hanok tea house where you can enjoy and relax in solitude?  A very peaceful and unique place to visit in Seoul. 

While doing my GSM special theme mission I found this traditional Korean tea house with a very relaxing atmosphere. Located in the quiet neighborhood of Seongbuk-dong in the district of Seongbuk in Seoul.

Suyeon Sanbang: A Hanok Tea House

Suyeon Sanbang (수연산방) Tea house offers not just good quality of teas but also offers a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy and relax in solitude.

Suyeon Sanbang Tea House

This traditional house was the former house of poet and writer Sangheo Lee Tae-jun. He lived in this house for 13 years (from 1933 to 1946) where he wrote many of his literary works such as “Moonlight Night”, “Stone Bridge”, “Garden of Cosmos”, “Hwang Jini” and “Price Hodong”.

The structure of this hanok (Korean traditional house) was 工 shape. The house has daecheong, a wooded floor located in the center of the house. Usually, families gather here during special occasions like weddings and also serve as a dining room.

This traditional might be old and small but it’s very significant. The house was crafted very unique and surrounded by a beautiful garden. They also served fresh-cooked and delicious rice cakes, traditional teas, and bingsu.


I went here with my friends to experience a different kind of atmosphere. To be a little away from the busy life of us. We are not too familiar with traditional Korean teas but we managed to order. We ordered Omija tea, Gukhwa-cha or Chrysanthemum tea, and 단호박 빙수 (Danhobak Bingsu) which means Pumpkin Ice Flakes with syrup.

omija tea
Omija tea (12,000 won)
Danhobak Bingsu (12,000 won)
chrysanthemum tea
Chrysanthemum tea (12,000 won)

While having our teas and bingsu we also experienced listening to music played with gayageum (a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument). Honestly, even though we went here during peak hours the place is still peaceful. Guests managed to talk with lower voices to maintain the quietness of the place.

Teas and foods are a bit expensive but worth the visit. If you are coming in a group you can make a reservation before coming. If you wanted to take photos without photo bombers you can come before 12nn so you’ll be the first customer.

Suyeon Sanbang

Another thing why we visited this place is because this was one of the filming locations of the Korea drama The World of the Married, aired in JTBC a few months ago.

I’ve also heard that this tea house is very famous to locals and tourists especially during summer because of the good taste of their teas and bingsu. So even though the food is a bit expensive it’s highly recommended to visit.

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28 thoughts on “Suyeon Sanbang: A Hanok Tea House”

  1. That place looks so relaxing, and the foods they offer are so healthy! Will try this for sure when I get a chance to visit Seoul in the future! Now I know why many Filipino aspire to visit Seoul!

  2. I would be amazed too if I sat there and have learned of its historical significance. That chrysanthemum tea and the ambiance, surely, it would be a pleasurable experience to be at Hanok Tea House. I would pose also where Dr. Sun Woo stood, holding a bottle wine. Kidding!

  3. This will probably on top of my list when I go to Seoul! How does the Crysanthemum tea tastes like? Very intriguing! Sanay ako sa lemon, hibiscus and earl grey lang hehe and matcha 🙂

  4. Wow i can already feel korean culture oozing out from your story! Their instrument is what i want to hear personally as i tend to be amazed with musical instruments

    1. I wanna learn their gayageum kaso wala pa akong chance kasi nga may covid. I’ve tried ung janggu last year sa museum you can check my Ig. I think posted it.

  5. I’ve been meaning to experience the genuine Korean tea tasting experience. I learn new things from your post.

  6. My sister would love this! She’s a kdrama fan. Suyeon Sanbang looks ‘traditional’ on the outside, I wish you’ve included pictures inside the Tea House. She’s also a fan of Korean food – in fact, it’s what she insists whenever we hangout, I’m sure she’d love Danhobak Bingsu!

  7. Feeling ko super relaxing dito sa loob ng tea house, and ma fi feel yung peace. Pero nung namukaan ko na yung place nainis na ko dahil sa TWOM. Sana all talaga abby.

  8. I have been trying teas lately to boost my immune system and relax my mind from work. I want to try this one anytime soon because they offer healthy menu here! Tea tasting experience anytime soon din sana <3

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