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Seoul Summer Escape at Uidong Valley

Seoul is truly packed with nature and you don’t need to travel too far to escape summer, Uidong Valley is near to check out and visit this hot season.

We all know that Seoul is surrounded by mountains and if there’s a mountain valley are present too. And the city has a lot of hidden valleys that offer clean and cool flowing water.

Today, I visited Uidong Valley (우이동계곡), the valley located between Bukhansan Mountain and Dobongsan Mountain. According to the Korea Tourism Organization, the valley was called “Uidong” because of the two peaks of Bukhansan Mountain,  the Baegundae (highest peak), and Insubong  ( the main attraction for hikers/ climbers), looks like a cow’s ear.

Before I went to the place, I searched for photos and details on how it looks like. When I arrived I see some improvement and changes already.

I saw how they’re trying to develop the place, putting up a family camping site and residential houses. Apparently, I saw that they removed the tables where you can enjoy eating while your feet are under the cool running water of the valley. Maybe they removed the tables to avoid accidents and to maintain the cleanliness of the water.

Where to eat?

There’s a lot of restaurants available to choose from so you don’t need to worry if you can’t bring food with you. Cafes are also available if you are a coffee lover.

I went too early so I am not able to experience to dine in. According to the employees of the restaurants, due to coronavirus, they’re late than usual. The restaurants are open from 11:30 am or 12nn and reservation is highly recommended during the weekend especially during summer.

The restaurants like 우이정원 ( Uidongjeongwon) and 대추나무집 (Daechunamujib) are beside the Uidong Valley already and you can play or have a cool swim after eating. 

Expect that the food prices are a bit expensive.

How to get here?

Taking the Ui LRT Line (Ui-Sinseoul) train going to BukhansanUi and exit at gate 1 or 2.

Address: 141-5 Samyang-ro 181-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul

Just go straight and you will see the 우이동 먹거리 마을 (Uidong Meokgori Maeul) or Uidong Food Village just follow the road and you’ll see a lot of restaurants and cafe.


The water from Uidong Valley is not deep so you don’t need to worry if you have kids with you but toddlers should be attended as always.  This is actually popular among students since it can be reached by subway or bus.

In addition to that, if you want to go to the Bukhansan Mountain or Dobongsan Mountain, the trails start here.

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