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Summer Day Out at Suseongdong Valley

Thinking how to enjoy the hot season in Seoul? Why not try a lovely summer day out at Suseongdong Valley at the foot of Inwang Mountain near Gyeongbukgung?

If you are looking for a quiet place and closest to nature but won’t make you tired to death, Suseongdong Valley is the one for you. This is the shortest and easy path that I’ve visited Seoul.

Suseongdong Valley (수선동계곡) having a path of 0.5 kilometers is can be found at the base of Inwangsan or Inwang Mountain. A beautiful and significant site in Seoul. The historical valley has been rediscovered during the demolition of the Ogin Sibeom Apartment in 2008. It was opened to the public on July 11, 2012.

Upon researching, Suseongdong Valley was restored according to the “Eight Scenes of Jang-dong” painting of Gyeomjae Jeong Seon (1676~1759), the master of “true-view landscape paintings” during the Joseon dynasty.

The valley’s landscape is consists of almost 18,000 twisted pine trees. Rocks and paths were made to allow visitors to visit and rest for a moment in this picturesque valley. In addition to that, Suseongdong Valley is actually the original source of the Cheonggyecheon Stream. The famous recreation space in Seoul which is a 10.9-kilometer-long that has been cleaned and developed during the reign of 2003 Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-bak.

Summer Day Out at Suseongdong Valley

So if you are looking for something different for your summer day out, this place is highly recommended. With a beautiful and plentiful place where you can enjoy not just during summer but throughout the season.

You can bring food and eat while sitting on the rocks or at the Pavillion but observe cleanliness. Plus this is just a few miles away from Gyeongbukgung and Gwanghwamun Square.

The route is a very easy and short paved walking path that you can take about 10 minutes. To make the visit more exciting, don’t take the bus going back but choose to walk like what we did. And we found pretty good cafes and restaurants at the Seochon Okin-gil.

Suseongdong Valley is also the starting point if you wanted to go hike at Inwangsan.

How to get here?

Take the Seoul Subway Line 3 going to Gyeongbukgung and get out at exit 3. You can walk if you desire or take a shuttle bus #9 and take off at the last station which is the Suseongdong Valley.

Address: 서울 종로구 옥인동 185-3


  • You can go down to the rocks, sit and put your feet on the running water but don’t go near the steep rocks to avoid falling.
  • Admission is free.
  • You can bring food and eat while sitting on the rocks or at the Pavillion but observe cleanliness.
  • Never leave your children unattended.
  • Visit after the rain to experience deeper water.
  • Bring a friend with you to capture beautiful memories of course.

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  • KapampanganTraveller

    I am missing these type of scenery – mountain trails, thick forest canopy and undulating streams. Add distant coos and cawks to complete the nature experience. Since lockdown, I am only imagining treading nature trails or just checking my old travel photos.

    • My Onni You

      Ang sarap sa pakiramdam di ba? Takot ako sa snakes kaya at firstvtakot talaga ko pumunta sa mga mountain areas pero I felt safe naman when I tried visiting the places.

  • jayne

    I love this kind of scenery also since I’ve never been in Korea I would like to visit this one day. These are the kind of places I really want to go to.

  • theaoctavo

    Wow I’ve never been to Korea but this made me really curious about it. Whenever I hear their country’s name I always think about its cities, makeup & kpop. I thought it’s always busy there but I was wrong. There’s a certain charm about Korea that makes me want to go there now ❤️

  • karlaniiinz

    Amazing rock formations there!!! Gusto ko sa mga ganito pero takot din ako pag mahirap yung trail or matagal/mahaba. HAHA summer ba diyan ngayon? Dito kasi tag-ulan na naman

  • Therese

    Wow. I actually never have heard of Suseongdong Valley before and I was planning to visit places in Korea that are not usually on someone’s itenerary. I would definitely take note of this

  • Fangirl Clang

    Yung hindi na lang mga filming locations ang nasa list ko kapag pumasyal na ko sa Korea, isasama ko na din ang Suseongdong Valley. Yun nga lang mukhang matatagalan pa ang pa-korea namin. 🙁

  • Polly Amora

    My sister and I were planing to go to South Korea (we had it moved in 2021). She wanted to check out kdrama film locations while I wanna to explore beaches & mountains. Suseongdong Valley seems like the perfect place to get started! Though, looking at the first picture – parang nakakatakot! But challenge accepted!

    • My Onni You

      Hindi siya nakakatakot kasi bawal na pumasok dyan sa part na yan ng first photo bale doon na sa pinakagitna ang pwede kasi medyo steep so they put barriers na

  • Misskhae

    Everything in Korea is really beautiful! Andami na sa notes ko nakalista sa mga bibisitahin soon HAHA 😀 Madadaanan ba yang pathway on the first photo or it’s just there as an attraction?

    • My Onni You

      Hindi na sya pwede daanan kasi may barrier na medyo steep kasi so delikado lalo may malapit na daycare sa tapat nya. Kaya doon na lang sa gitna pwede ung nasa featured image.

  • blair villanueva

    Thanks for sharing another destination in Korea. Hope we can all travel and move freely again so that we can visit this place 🙂

  • Dianne

    Ang ganda ng rock formations! Grabe I can’t wait to visit korea. Parang ang fresh fresh ng hangin jan. haha.

  • Neri Ann

    Yung ganitong type ng scenery ang refreshing eh. Tapos yung feeling mo pa eh bida ka sa isang Kdrama. Hehehe

  • Franze Garcia

    Ahhh sounds like a lush vegetation place for summer, hindi mo mafifeel yung init kasi mahangin na dito because of the forest tress and parag sobrang peaceful nya like naririnig mo lang ay bird chirps. Ang ganda lang sa Korea as in.

    • My Onni You

      True~~ tsaka even Seoul is a city it preserves the nature and environment to make the place more likeable. Planning to go to the mountain one of this days~

  • mumshienica

    Hindi ako mahilig magtrail kase takot ako mamundok baka ano makita ko at mabilis ako mapagod, pero ang ganda mg view lalo na dun sa first picture, sarap magpose for instagram ❤️

  • Pinaynursemeetsworld

    I didn’t know they have a trail that looks like this in Korea! It looks like the one we visited in Maui last year! For sure, it’s worth thevisit! enjoy the sceneries, hike and feel the beauty of nature!

  • Nicole San Miguel

    What a beautiful place! Nakikita ko palang sa photos, ang calm and relaxing na sa pakiramdam, pano pa kaya sa personal! I love going to mountains and falls pa naman.

  • Wendy

    ang ganda, Abby. this is what I like here in Seoul… even in the middle of the city, we get to explore nature and get refreshed. we actually don’t need to go too far. we just need to climb up some hills and mountain:-)

  • Janella Herrera

    Ang ganda! I wish meron ding similar places here in the Philippines. Although I am seeing news na mas gumaganda na ulit yung mga attractions and tourist spots, hindi naman makapunta. Very soon!

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