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The Under the Sea Experience at the Lotte World Aquarium

I got the chance to visit and have the under the sea experience at the Lotte World Aquarium which is the world’s largest ecology tank. So keep on reading for the guides and tips before visiting the Lotte World Aquarium.

lotte world aquarium ticket

As a Global Seoul Mate, we were given a mission every month and our July’s mission was the collaboration of GSM and Songpa. We have three mandatory missions for July and that we visited the Songpa Tourist Center and get our free tickets (for Seoul Sky Lotte World or Lotte World Aquarium) and gifts. Due to bad weather, I chose the Lotte World Aquarium ticket.  I would love to visit here with my son but the ticket is only for the GSM members and a +1 accompany where they can able to post and share about the aquarium.

So my plan is to bring my son later on when this pandemic subsides. I am still worried about my son because closed venues are more prone to viruses and even though we follow precautions we are still not safe. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Back to the main topic of this post, let’s see the details about the Lotte World Aquarium. But before that, I would like to share something before we entered the Aquarium.

Before entering, at the entrance, we showed our ticket but before we get inside, they checked our temperature, sanitized our hands, and scanned our QR code. The QR code requires a Naver account, so if you don’t have an account you can write your name, address, and phone number at the visitors’ list.  Of course, you need to wear a mask too. This is mandatory and if you won’t follow, they will not allow you to get inside.

What is Lotte World Aquarium?

fishes aquarium blue

Lotte World Aquarium is an ecology tank where you can see different kinds of species from all over the world. It has more than 55,000 fishes and aquatic life from the Five Oceans.  The aquarium was first opened to the public last October 2014 located at the shopping complex of Lotte World Mall.


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Visiting the Lotte World Aquarium is like a dream come true. Especially nowadays, that we can’t travel to the beach and go under the sea to see these creatures. And of course, we can’t see them in one place, isn’t it? But here, they’re in one place giving us joy and happiness.

photo zones aquarium

The aquarium also has an ecology presentation which is a program that provides information about the methods on how they take care of the marine animals. If you are interested in this program, you can check the additional information here.

For more details, you can visit the Lotte World Aquarium website.

Tips on Visiting Lotte World Aquarium

  • Turn off the flash of your phones or camera when taking photos. (The bright light from the camera flash will make the fishes blind or bothered.)
  • There are open tanks where you cannot put your hands inside so be careful with that.
  • At the Play Ocean, you can feed the fishes.

Reasons to Visit Lotte World Aquarium

  • It’s very accessible from the subway.
  • No need to go too far to enjoy sea creatures.
  • Best place to bring your kids.
  • It has all the kinds of species from the Five Oceans.

Admission Fees

Adults (ages 13 and older):  31,000 won | Children (ages 3 to 12 years old) 27,000 won
* Children’s rates apply to senior citizens (ages 65 and older)
* FREE ADMISSION for infants under 3 years old (must submit proof of age)
Operating hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm | Friday to Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

For discounted tickets check out this Lotte World Aquarium Admission Ticket.

How to get here?

Address: Lotte World Mall B1, 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul  (서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 300)
Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 2

Guide Map

Lotte World Aquarium Guide Map
Photo Source: Lotte World Aquarium

Watch the video here: SONGPA X GSM2020 | Lotte World Aquarium | The Seoulo Traveler

Basement 1st Floor (Entrance)

  • River of Korea – here you can see Leopard Mandarin fishes
  • River of Tropics – consist o Piranha and electric eels
  • Amazon River – shows the pirarucu and pacu species
  • California Sealion – here you can watch the California sea lion and Harbor Seal
  • The Ocean – consists of Bowmouse, guitarfish, spotted eagle ray, and zebra shark
  • Beluga Whale – here you can see the Beluga Whale which is a white whale
  • Coral Reef Garden – here you can see corals, butterflyfishes and moray eels
  • Sea Table – you can enjoy some sweet desserts like ice cream and other made in organic ingredients
  • Play Ocean – here you can touch the pool and the fishes like Japanese blue bat star, Fancy carp, and Sergeant-major

Basement 2nd Floor

  • Playzone – here visitors can do educational activities and caricatures
  • Sea Gallery – this zone includes Weddy Seadragon, Clownfish (like Nemo) and pufferfishes
  • Jellyfish Club – in this zone events are being held
  • Jellyfish Gallery – you can watch the moon jellies and white spotted jellies here
  • Cafe the Ocean – enjoy a sip of coffee here made by Angel-in-us Coffee
  • The Ocean – consists of Bowmouse, guitarfish, spotted eagle ray, and zebra shark
  • Beluga Whale – here you can see the Beluga Whale which is a white whale
  • Ocean Tunnel – this is an underwater where you can see different kinds of fishes
  • California Sealion – here you can watch the California sea lion and Harbor Seal
  • Schooling Zone – at this zone you can learn about Chicken grunt and Hawksbill sea turtle

Basement 1st Floor (Exit)

  • Polar Zone – the children loves to stay here because of the penguins
  • Photo Zone – don’t forget to take some photos at the photo zone
  • Gift Shop – get something for yourself as a gift at this shop

Where to Eat at Lotte World Aquarium?

cafe coffee shop

The Aquarium is actually inside the Lotte World Mall and there’s a lot of restaurants to choose from. But if you are really hungry and wanna eat something to fight hunger there are also available cafe’s inside the Aquarium.

You can try Cafe the Ocean by Angel-in-us-Coffee shop where you can have some coffee, juices, bread, or cakes. If you want to have some ice cream, cookies and other beverages made with organic ingredients visit Sea Table at Basement 1st Floor.


fishes aquarium
Can’t travel? Wanna do a virtual tour? Watch the video here: SONGPA X GSM2020 | Lotte World Aquarium | The Seoulo Traveler

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