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National Museum of Korea: A Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting at the National Museum of Korea ‘s garden is one of the Seoul Guided Walking Tour that you can enjoy. Wanna know more? Just keep on reading.

Treasure Hunting at the National Museum of Korea’s garden was one of my selected GSM Seoul Guided Walking Tour mission for the month of August and September. I went to the National Museum of Korea last August 13, 2020, to meet my tour guide.  The Seoul Guided Walking Tour is a walking tour lead by tour guides and this is very convenient especially for those who are having a hard time exploring Seoul.

I will explain the details about the Seoul Guided Walking Tour in another post and will focus first in this article.

National Museum of Korea: A Treasure Hunting

This guided walking tour is about the different cultural stones of Korea that you can be found in the garden of the National Museum of Korea which has been built for how many years already. These include the stone pagodas, stone lanterns, and monk stupas.

In this tour course, you can also see the main attractions of the garden of the National Museum of Korea and I bet you’ll fell in love with it like what I felt when I saw it.

6 Main Attractions

There are six main attractions in the garden of the National Museum of Korea. These represent the significance of Korean History and each attraction have their own reason why they’ve been built and created.

Geoul Pond and Cheongjajeong


Geoul Pond or Mirror Pond is located at the front of the National Museum of Korea. This pond was called ‘mirror pond’ because it reflects the whole museum on the water. At the pond’s edge, there’s a pavilion named Cheongjajeong. It was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the museum.

Pagoda Garden

seven-story pagoda

Pagoda Garden is you’ll see different kinds of pagodas like the seven-story pagoda from the Namgyeon Monastery Site in Gaseong. This pagoda was built during the Goryeo dynasty and it has been relocated at the Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1915. The relocated here at the National Museum of Korea in 2005. “

You can also found other pagodas like the three-story twin pagodas from the Galhangsa temple built during the Unified Silla period.  In this garden, the twin-lion stone lantern from Godalsa temple has been erected at the edges of the Buddhist temple to use as light during the night. Stone lanterns also symbolize the enlightenment of the world by Buddhist law.

Dragon Falls

dragon falls

Dragon falls is like a secret garden hidden in the forest. In the old Korea, Mir is young which means ‘dragon’. The falls name was originally from the word Yongsan which literally means ‘dragon mountain’. The natural beauty of this falls offers the visitors the traditional landscape of a Korean garden together with the Dragon Pond and Dragon Bridge.

Tip: Beast season to visit the Dragon Falls is during autumn.

Bosingak Bell

bosingak bell

Bosingak Bell was made in the era of King Sejong in 1468. This bell is a Buddhist bell which has been used at a Buddhist temple. This bell was originally located in Jeongneung Temple inside the Queen Shinduk’s tomb but when the temple was disappeared it was moved to Wongaksa temple and kept there until the Japanese invasion in 1952.

Stone Buddha

stone buddha

Stone Buddha represents the physique of Buddha. This was built 500 years after the death of Buddha. He didn’t want the people to treat him like a god so he opposed having a Stone Buddha. After how many years after his death, Stone Buddha has been built. Buddhism was introduced in Korea during the 4th century.

Monk Stupa Garden

pagoda stupa stone pagoda

If you walk at the Monk Stupas Garden you’ll see different kinds of stone pagodas that have been made from the period of Unified Silla up to Goryeo Dynasty. Some of the stupas pf Buddhist monks were also placed here. Like the stupa of Nawong who was the great Buddhist monk during the last period of Goryeo.

How to get here?

Address:  137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 going to Ichon station and go out at exit 2, and walk about 150 meters going through the front of the Mirror Pond restaurant.

Walking Tour Details

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The museum was closed again from August 16 due to another cluster infection that happened last week. But later on, when this pandemic ends and our lives go back to normal and you want to do this guided tour you can check out Visit for more details.

But If you want to do DIY tour you can also check out my Olympic Park Travel Guide and Stamp Tour and Seoul City Wall: Memory of Seoul’s History.

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        Thanks for sharing this Vlog Ate Abby, Really Super Proud of You po. And Super Amaze po ako For you being Your Simple and Humble Vlogger, I am Here always po para patuloy Suportahan Ka… And This Location and View Super Gaganda talaga. Hindi Talaga nakakasawang Balik-balikan

      • Dems

        I love walking tours, especially those that are gamified! This is a beautiful place to do so and I’ll add this to my list may I ask if it was free or pegged as a package tour?

  • Jojiena vinas

    This is a very nice experience for you ms. Abby. Makes me wanna go to Korea to explore the place. Ang ganda ng mga main attractions.

  • iamraediant

    I’d love to see Dragon Falls in person! It has so much personality for me. It appears to be mystic, mysterious but at the same time, calming! I hope I can go there soon! Take care, btw! 🙂

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    Thanks for this Ms. Abby! Madadagdagan na naman ang list ng pupuntahan ko. Yun nga lang di ko alam kelan matutupad ang pangarap kong Travel sa Korea.

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    Dragon Falls is definitely my speed, haha. Been seeing Korean-centered posts mostly and I’m taking it as a sign that I need to visit the country at least once! Everyone’s experience is always so good.

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    Interesting! Your blog always inspires me to go to Korea din. I’ve never been there yet, kaya sana maging okay na tayo para maka gala na safely! 🙁

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    Unnie, my list from you and Karla is getting long.. Sana mawala na covid so I could go on with my travel plans (that have been halted by the pandemic). Stay safe and write more. 🙂

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    This looks like such a serene place to visit! Never been to Korea but will definitely add this to my must-visit places! I always like to go to museums, parks, and gardens so I love that this place is a mixture of these <3

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    I really want to visit Korea. I see a lot of people going to that country pre-covid. Everything looks clean and very historic. By the way, ang ganda ng infographics!

  • Thea Octavo

    I would love to visit Pagoda Garden and Dragon Falls! Pagoda Garden because it is filled with so much culture and history while Dragon Falls naman, there’s too much nature going on! I love your photos, ang sarap bumisita ng Korea when this pandemic is over!

  • blair villanueva

    Visiting places wouldn’t be complete without visiting their local museums. I would be interested to visit this museum when I visit Korea.

  • theresa

    I would love to visit National Museum in Korea or just any museums there. I want to explore more on their cultures and tradition and just see more closely all their precious history.

  • Dems

    I love walking tours, especially those that are gamified! This is a beautiful place to do so and I’ll add this to my list 🙂 may I ask if it was free or pegged as a package tour? 🙂

  • Misskhae

    Since I’ve been into a lot of adventures lately including mountain peaks and falls, the Dragon Falls totally interests me. Super gusto ko na ngayon puntahan mga nature places. At alam mo ba Abby, andami ko ng na-bookmarked sa blog mo sa mga gusto kong puntahan pag okay na lahat and pwede na makatravel to Korea.

    • Abby

      Ako din I’ve been into outdoor activities recently kulang na lang talaga umakyat ako ng bundok kaso may covid pa so pahinga muna tayo. Hindi naman aalis ung Korea.

  • Wendy

    i thought you were going inside the museum for your tour when you told me you were going. pero buti naman outdoors. mas maganda ang photos and you were able to show pa the serenity of the place. i love the pond the most!

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    Thank you for sharing places in Korea that are always new to me. every time you post something, laging may nadadagdag sa list of places to visit ko. Hoping na makapunta din ng Korea and to meet you! 🙂

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