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BAE-B: The Smartest Digital Guide of the STO

Have you ever known about Bae-b? The cutest and smartest new digital guide of the STO which promotes Seoul’s Tourism. Isn’t he cute?

Last September 16, 2020, I received a special gift package from Visit Seoul which is the GSM Giftbox. The gift was prepared and sent to all the participants of Global Seoulmates as an appreciation for our cooperation and delivering great content despite the coronavirus.

What’s inside the GSM Giftbox?

gifts masks doll

  • 10 pcs of KF94 masks and a hand sanitizer
  • Designed souvenirs made by the Seoul Tourism Organization
  • BAE-B Doll – the new STO (Seoul Tourism Organization) smart digital guide

BAE-B: The Smartest Digital Guide of the STO

Bae-b doll stuff toy

BAE-B is the new STO (Seoul Tourism Organization) smart digital guide. If you are an ARMY, BTS released a song ‘Baepsae‘ which is known as a Korean bird. However, this song has a double meaning where BTS called themselves Baepsae. They started with a small company and worked hard to succeed. Recently they release a new song plus the Learn! Korean with BTS book.

우린 뱁새야 실망 안 시켜
우린 뱁새야 이름값하네
우린 뱁새야 같이 살자고
우린 뱁새야 뱁새야
Lyrics from Baepsae (Silver Spoon) by BTS

(We’re just baep-sae)
We don’t disappoint
(We’re just baep-sae)
It’s all we are
(We’re just baep-sae)
Come along with us
(We’re just baep-sae)
Little Baep-sae
I’m just a tiny bird next to you,
the stork
And all you do is throw that in our faces
English Translation, Lyrics from Baepsae (Silver Spoon) by BTS

And BAE-B also represents something that even though he is small, he has a big dream especially in promoting the tourism of Seoul like BTS.

What is Baepsae?

Baepsae korean crow tit bird
Photo Source: Visit Seoul

Baepsae or Crow tit (White-winged Fairy Wren) is a small fluffy bird with a long tail, small eyes, and usually lives in the very top of bushes. Aside from being a bird, there’s a Korean saying that is related to Baepsae or crow tit.

뱁새가 황새 걸음을 걸으면 가랑이 가 찢어진다
If a crow tit walks like a stork, it will break it legs.

This phrase means that if you are not born with such ability nor privilege, you shouldn’t try to fit yourself in a place you don’t belong. This Korean saying is very related to Korean culture where people look down on you when you have nothing and you’ll never succeed no matter how hard you try. But when you fail, they’ll gonna say you failed because you never try hard enough. Ironic right?

But this time Baepsae is known as the cutest mascot ambassador of Seoul Tourism and will be our guide in our new travels. Let’s give and show love to BAE-B.

I would like to say thank you to Visit Seoul and Seoul Tourism Organization for the GSM Giftbox. I will treasure BAE-B and he will be my Seoul travel buddy.

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What do you think of BAE-B? Isn’t he cute?

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  • Bite the Gram

    Omg ang super cute ng actual bird and pati nung bae-b. Ang galing talaga ng inventions sa south korea. Also love everything in this gift box. I just jave a question
    .. How exactly does the smart digital guide work po?

  • Danica Marasigan

    This is so cute! What also captured my interest aside from this Safety kit given to you was the history or origin of Baepsae. Such a cute, fluffy ambassador parang I want to hug him when I see him

    Pero ang ironic nga nung quote to be honest. I find it weird too. Nevertheless, it’s thoughtful of Visit Seoul to send you this care package. At least they value your contributions. ❤️

  • Daddy Clavy

    I really love what you are posting. You make. Me. Close to korea. And every good thing in korea… When the time comes na ready na ko and afford to visit in korea… I have a guide now..

  • Hazel

    Bae-B is so cute! And I like how everything is so darn cute in Korea, even their tourism mascot! I hope I can revisit soon and see this in person hehe! 🙂

  • Nicole P.

    Baespae looks so cute! And it really seems like a nice mascot to promote not just tourism but to also remind people to be nice to everybody and don’t say that they’ll fail at something anyway…

  • Pia

    This is so cute! I also heard the story of BTS and they really are something to look up to. The determination and perserverance is superb!

  • Franze Garcia

    “Even though he is small, he has a big dream especially in promoting the tourism of Seoul” Wahahaha Super cute BAE-B! It looks like a chibi, really nice to have in travels and as a travel buddy as well.

  • Wendy

    i really like your the GSM program because I see you and other global Seoul Mates enjoying yourselves. buti naman they are giving Baepse a newer meaning.. hopefully mawawala ang negative meaning nya because it is so cute.

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