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Camping’s Pros and Cons During a Pandemic

Have you ever tried camping in Korea? It’s an exciting activity but there are camping pros and cons during a pandemic. Here’s my experience of our 3 nights 4 days camp in Pocheon. 

This year Chuseok falls in a 5 day holiday along with the National Foundation Day (last October 3). To spent a long holiday our family decided to go camping. Last year, we also went camping but it was shorter but this year we had 3 nights and 4 days camp which made me a bit uncomfortable.

Camping in Korea is one of the most chosen activities by Koreans. They love to go camping even if it’s the hottest or the coldest season of the year. I’ve been seeing families who’ve started buying camping cars which is very convenient for the whole family.

I am not really a fan of camping, it’s quite uncomfortable for me especially going to the comfort room at night. Aside from that, I am afraid that there would be snakes that could sneak inside our tent or while walking at night. Another thing that I am not used to is taking shower with other people. This is very common in Korea especially when you go to sauna’s, jimjilbang, or waterparks.

Another reason why I am worried is because of the pandemic. People still eager to go outside and camp despite the situation. So base on my experienced I saw some pros and cons of camping, especially during a pandemic.

Camping’s Pros and Cons During a Pandemic


  • Better connection to nature
  • Can reduce stress
  • Great activity for kids
  • Might be cheaper than other forms of vacation
  • It can take you away from your busy life
  • Enjoy a campfire with friends and family


  • Camping gears are expensive
  • Hygiene and public showers are uncomfortable
  • Can be boring for a while
  • Can be bitten by insects like bees or mosquitos
  • Might get backpains
  • Bad sleep especially when other members of the family are snoring
  • Might ruin your diet for a while

Cons during Corona

  • No temperature checking upon entrance
  • Kids are not following the hand sanitation when entering the kid’s playroom
  • Some guests are not wearing masks when going to the washroom (for dishes) nor bathroom

광릉해오 캠핑장 Review

Last Chuseok we went to 광릉해오 캠핑장 in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do to camp. The camping site is composed of three sites.  Campsite A has a swimming pool which is open during summer. In this area, there’s also a kid’s playroom where kids can play anytime and a small store where you can buy your needs for camping. Campsite B has caravans for those campers who don’t have tents. While Campsite C is the smallest area which may accommodate up to 4 to 5 tents. They also have the pension type tents which consist of beds, bathrooms, and small dining inside. There are so many camping sites in Korea so it will depend on you where to stay.  These days there are camping sites that provide built-in-tent already and camping caravans.

I will give five stars for the bathroom of this campsite as they maintain the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Also, they keep the garbages organized and food wastes. They clean the playroom before opening. They keep the safety and comfort of every guest.

Overall, I like this camping site except for their slow wifi. Honestly, I need to go to the kid’s playroom to check and reply to my emails. I used LTE but the site has a bad reception even for LTE users.

광릉 해오름글램핑
Address: 경기 포천시 소흘읍 광릉수목원로874번길 5


If you are a person like me who is very uncomfortable with so many things when camping, I suggest overnight camping.  This way you might get used to it little by little. Trying and experiencing new things is interesting. Sometimes these new experiences open new doors to us like discovering new interests and enjoying the outside world that we can’t see all the time because of our busy lives every day. Aside from that, camping is a new form of bonding with the whole family or friends these days in Korea.

How about you do you like camping? Share your experience and story too!

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  • may palacpac

    My kids loooove to camp! they go with their dad on summers for the annual Me & My Dad camp with families from our church. Sayang walang ganyan dito. I heard of one in Cebu but they don’t have tents, you have to bring your own. And I don’t think the facilities are just as topnotch as those sites you talk about.

  • Karla

    I think it’s okay not to have a good internet connection during a camping to really disconnect with the busy life. What bothers me is that some of the guests are not wearing masks!

  • Blair Villanueva

    I haven’t tried camping coz I find it uncomfortable but maybe I wouldn’t mind a day trip camping. It is a shame coz here in Australia so rin ang camping.

  • clang

    Naexperience ko lang mag camping nung elementary at high school days ko dahil sa girl scout at c.a.t training namin, mga 1 week yung camping namin that time. “Hygiene and public showers are uncomfortable” heto talaga yung problema din namin pero overall, masaya naman ang experience.

  • WanderWoMom

    Sa hi bye mama palang ako nakakakita ng camping sa mga kdrama.. so since before nun di ko alam na nagcacamping din pala jan haha.. kaso not familiar.. is this a beach area or bundok area?

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