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Guide to Immigrant Women Living in Korea Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Cherry Blossom Gives Hope amid of Corona Virus Outbreak

Edited and published in Two months have passed since the first case of coronavirus in South Korea was announced.  From one to two cases, it became double, a few weeks later it started growing. The virus started spreading widely all over the country. Some establishments were temporarily closed for disinfection. The new school year …

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2 Things to Consider in Our Daily Lives from Crash Landing On You

After watching the drama Crash Landing on You made me realized that there are things we should consider in our daily lives. Ri Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin) shared two things from the drama that we people should learn and think about. So read this article and let me know if you have experienced the same.  …

Sights and Attractions Travel Guide to Korea Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

5 Ways to Enjoy Winter in South Korea

Winter might be cold but the winter season will not be complete without enjoying it. Here are the 5 ways to enjoy winter in South Korea.  Not all people love the cold season especially here in Korea. The weather during winter is dry, cold and windy. Even though there’s an available heater or hot water …

Guide to Immigrant Women Living in Korea Holidays, Festivals, and Events

Seollal: A Korean Holiday and My Myeonuri Duties

Check out how we celebrate Seollal, a Korean holiday, know my myeonuri duties and learn the customs and what to expect during this kind of holiday. What is Seollal? Seollal (설날)  or Korean Lunar New Year is the most important traditional Korean holiday. This holiday is usually the Chinese New Year for other countries like …

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South Korea’s First Sunrise of the Year

Watching the sunrise makes us feel great but the first sunrise of the year will always be special especially in South Korea it means new hope. Meaning of First Sunrise for Koreans Other countries usually celebrate the new year by preparing special foods and wait for midnight to eat together with the family. While South …


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