• GSM2020 & Honorary Reports

    I am Happy to Be a Global Seoul Mate 2020

     Heard about Global Seoul Mate? I am so happy and pleased to announce that I have been chosen as one of the Global Seoul Mate this year 2020. What is Global Seoul Mate? Global Seoul Mates are a delegation of foreigners living in South Korea. Yearly the Seoul Tourism Organization selects new Global Seoul Mates to create and share content that will show Seoul’s beauty and hidden attractions. In short, they are selected to promote Seoul’s tourism in the global community. Here’s the Story I joined the recruitment last January 2 to February 14, 2020, and the selection announcement was on February 28, 2020. After a few days, they called…

  • My KIIP Citizenship Test Experience
    Life in Korea

    My KIIP Citizenship Test Experience

    This blog is about the KIIP course, my citizenship test experience and some tips and advice on how to prepare, study and pass the said test.   I arrived in Korea in 2016 and after a few months, I started studying Korean because I came here without studying the language and it made me crazy that I don’t understand them. I started on Level 1 since I wanted to learn and start from the basics. The class has started already and it’s already mid of the semester but my teacher helped me a lot. After a year of studying at the Multicultural Center, my teacher suggested that I should take the…